RCA Recovering Couples Anonymous

12 Step Meetings For Couples In Recovery

Many people have heard of Alcoholics anonymous, Narcotics anonymous, over eaters anonymous and even clutters anonymous but have you heard of a twelve step program that specifically caters to couples? There are anonymous programs for everything nowadays and we can tack on one for couples going through a recovery process together. Its called Recovery Couples Anonymous or “RCA”.  The program of RCA includes all forms of addictions and dysfunctions including couples recovering from drugs, food, sex, gambling, cluttering etc. The primary purpose of RCA as described on their website and their preamble states:

“Ours is a fellowship of recovering couples. We suffer from many addictions and dysfunctions, and we share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we may solve our common problems and help other recovering couples restore their relationships. The only requirement for membership is the desire to remain committed to each other and to develop new intimacy. There are no dues or fees for membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. We are not allied with any organization. We do not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorse nor oppose any causes. Although there is no organizational affiliation between Alcoholics Anonymous and our fellowship, we are based on the principles of AA. Our primary purpose is to stay committed in loving and intimate relationships and to help other couples achieve freedom from dysfunctional relationships”

This is an interesting addiction treatment program since many couples suffer from the same addiction or even different addictions. Being in a relationship being honest and encouraging of your partner is important. If one person is recovering from a gambling addiction while the other partner is recovering from a sex addiction there could be many resentments, lies and damage lingering around that, left unresolved can ruin marriages and unions. While these topics like drugs addiction, sex, infidelity, gambling can be difficult to talk about with friends or family and substance abuse treatment is expensive there is hope with a couples rehab program or free twelve step group that helps couples work through these issues hand in hand. Instead of having the traditional “sponsor” a couple would find another couple to sponsor them.  The RCA also takes pride in the diversity of their program stating:

“RCA is open to all committed Adult couples seeking to create or restore a caring, committed, and intimate Monogamous relationship regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender identification,Religious background, culture, race, class, national origin, physical or mental challenge,or political affiliation. The RCA fellowship actively supports valuing differences both within a coupleship and among couples of diverse backgrounds.In our coupleships and in our groups, we are committed to valuing our Differences and surmounting the barriers to serenity. Diversity is important to our coupleships and to the RCA fellowship because each of us, being different, makes a richer contribution to the whole. Each individual meeting is autonomous except in matters affecting other groups and RCA as a whole.”


If somebody is looking to attend one of these meetings a search can be made here to find a RCA meeting in your area. Love, understanding, friendship and forgiveness are all attributes to a lasting relationship. While other twelve step programs may shy away from discussions on love, relationships and intimacy- there is a resource for couples looking for just that at RCA.