Welcome to the home of Rosy Press, publisher of FRESH ROMANCE. You might have ended up here because you heard about our Kickstarter campaign! We’re ready to get down to business.

Rosy Press specializes in publishing romantic fiction and nonfiction aimed at a diverse readership. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been reading comics for decades or if you’ve never read a comic before – you’ll be able to jump in and enjoy our comics. FRESH ROMANCE features comics from talented creators telling a wide variety of romance stories. With sub-genres ranging from Regency romance to sci-fi to modern to supernatural, there’s something for everyone. For more info, check out our store and our About page! And if you want to join the FRESH ROMANCE team, see the Submissions page.


Here’s what some folks are saying about us:

“Once upon a time, you could get your tales of love in several forms—paperback romances and rom-coms, sure, but also romance comics. While they’ve fallen out of fashion, one woman wants to bring them back.”–JEZEBEL

“Romance is making a long overdue comeback — in comic books, at least.”–HOLLYWOOD REPORTER/ HEAT VISION

“Superheroes are great and all, but sometimes a girl wants a little romance with her beautifully-drawn comic books.”–NERDIST

“Romance comics are coming back—and the world has Janelle Asselin to thank.”–ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“An awesomely diverse magazine…. Fresh Romance promises to be a sometimes sweet, sometimes spooky, and all around gorgeously written new addition.”–GEEKS WITH WIVES

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