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A Guide to Finding the Right Rehab Facilities

Rehab centers offer you or your loved one the intense therapy and the tools you need to beat drug or alcohol addiction. Choosing the right rehab facilities is crucial so that you can get on the path to healthy, happy and successful life. This guide will help you sort through your options.

You have two basic choices. You can choose to do inpatient or outpatient care. Learn what you can about both. If you are not so addicted that you can be weaned off your drug or the alcohol without medical supervision, you may still wish to undergo inpatient care. Once you complete inpatient care you can transfer to outpatient care in some cases.

With inpatient care patients live at the facilities. They are placed in a detox which medically weans them off their substances. There is usually a 90-day stay for full recovery. After detox, patients go through therapy, counseling and group therapy to learn techniques and tools to cope with recovery for the long-term.

Outpatient centers are for people who can detox safely on their own or for those people who want or need to stay home while undergoing counseling. If you are recovering from sex or gambling addictions you do not have to undergo a medical detox. This is one reason that outpatient care may be best for you.

After you have either been formally detoxed off of the drugs or alcohol or you have weaned yourself off with the supervision of your rehab doctors, you will start psychological treatment. This is the second part of rehab. This is where you still may undergo medical care or be given medications to stay sober. You also go through psychological therapy. Your therapy can be individual or group or both.

You may also learn how to resume working or you may get a job at your facility. This is the third step of some treatment centers. You learn how to resume living in the world outside of therapy and rehab. You will get treated according to what you need at all points in your recovery. You do this through your counseling sessions, various life skill classes, and other activities.

Besides choosing between inpatient and outpatient care, you also want to choose the type of addiction treatment you are going to receive. There are some centers that are traditional psychological or cognitive therapy-based programs. Others offer more psychiatric and medical focuses for those with severe addictions.

Still, other centers offer holistic care. These incorporate a whole-body healing approach and employ medical, psychological and spiritual care. They may use acupuncture and meditation as forms of therapy. Other recovery centers help individuals based on their gender.

You have many options for recovery. To find the best program for your loved one or yourself, consider speaking with your physician if possible. If it is necessary, they will recommend that you go to inpatient care. This is so that your body can be treated physically and medically to be weaned off the substances safely. There are times where withdrawing too quickly can be hazardous to your health and can cause seizures or death.

If your doctor recommends an outpatient service, this means that you will safely be able to go to rehab facilities that offer outpatient care. Knowing the difference will help make your search for the best center easier. You can use online searches to find local rehab centers that are highly rated and that have a high success rate among patients.

You want to use your own judgment and find a center that offers the services that most closely match what you need and how much you can afford. There are state-run centers that can help if you are on a certain budget or if you do not have health insurance that covers inpatient or outpatient care.

Your recovery is important to your health and your wellbeing in life. It is fortunate that there are so many reputable rehab facilities in many areas near you. If you find one that is far away, know that traveling and going through treatment is the best first step that you can take on the road to a new life.